How to sell faster?

By increasing the priority of your ad, you pick it up in the top of the list of announcements of similar subjects.

This is a convenient way to attract the attention of visitors of the portal to your offer.

Be the first on the list and will be the leader in the number of views.


Price: $ 0.1


How to Replenish Balance?


This ad is highlighted in yellow in the background all the time of placement on the site.

To bold your ad - a great way to make your ads more vivid and visible in the background neighbor.


Price: $ 0.2 - 60 days


How to Replenish Balance?
Securing ads you raise it to the top of the list of announcements of similar subjects for 7 days.

- 10 times more views

- In 5 times more responses

- Selling is done much faster


0.8$ - 60 days


How to Replenish Balance?
Mark classified as urgent as long as you do not sell your goods.

- You attract more attention, and thus get more responses

- Your ad becomes more noticeable among the other proposals


Price: $ 0.10 - the whole period of 60 days of publication


How to Replenish Balance?
By attaching an ad to the ad list, you attach it to the ad list for 30 days.
- 10 times more views
- 5 times more responses
- Sale is much faster

0.5$ - 60 days
Package "Turbo"
Do you want to sell your product / service as quickly as possible? Then this offer is just for you:

- Securing for 60 days

- Allocation for 60 days

- Marked "urgent" for 60 days

- Premium label for 60 days

1.5 $

How to Replenish Balance?

Apply a new ad and make it marked To add an advert

Закрепив магазин вы поднимаете его в начало списка магазинов на 5 дней.

- в 10 раз больше просмотров

- в 5 раз больше откликов


Магазин выделяется желтым фоном на период 7 дней. 

Выделение магазина — отличный способ сделать ваш магазин более ярким и заметным на фоне соседних.

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