High purity procaine hcl in stock,buy procaine China good price

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High purity procaine hcl in stock,buy procaine China good price, 10€, You can bargain

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We can offer different standard Procaine HCL for you such as USP/BP/ISO 9001/GMP.
Also We guarantee that our products will be delivered to you in time.
We aim to exceed expectations through consistently providing quality and value in our products and services
100% Safe Customs Clearance!!!
Procaine ( Procaina ) details
English name: Procaine
Alias: Procaina
CAS No.: 51-05-8
Molecular formula: C13H20N2O2
Molecular weight: 236.31
EINECS number: 200-426-9
Melting point 61°
Boiling point 378.78 ° C (rough estimate)
Uses :Local anesthetics. Its toxicity is low and its effect is fast and safe. It is suitable for local anesthesia and is used in eye, ear, nose and tooth surgery for infiltration anesthesia, conduction anesthesia and closure therapy. This product is also used to produce procaine penicillin.
About discounts:
Different quantity has different discount. Please take the initiative to purchase to get the discount.
About the price:
Certain raw materials may have unstable prices due to environmental issues and factory shutdown issues. Therefore, we need to update prices in real time. Please ask us in advanc.
We promise:
Free of customs clearance.We will ship by special line that shipping company do custom clearance and deliver to door.99.9% pass customs!
WhatsApp: +8618086633238
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