4-Benzoylbiphenyl CAS 2128-93-0 4-Benzoylbiphenyl powder 8619930505014

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4-Benzoylbiphenyl CAS 2128-93-0 4-Benzoylbiphenyl powder 8619930505014, 10$, You can bargain

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Would you like to buy CAS 2128-93-0 4-Benzoylbiphenyl with safe transportation ? Guanlang Group is a professional manufacturer of 4-Benzoylbiphenyl
4-Benzoylbiphenyl description:
4-Benzoylbiphenyl is a white or almost white crystalline powder.
4-Benzoylbiphenyl Uses:
1.4-Benzoylbiphenyl is a UV curable coating and ink.
2.4-Benzoylbiphenyl can be used as an important intermediate for the synthesis of bibenzazole and a photosensitizer for photosensitive resins.
3.4-Benzoylbiphenyl can also be used as an intermediate for the antifungal drug bifonazole.
4.4-Benzoylbiphenyl is used as a pharmaceutical intermediate and light curing initiator.
4-Benzoylbiphenyl salesman contact information:
Wickr Me: kathywang
WhatsApp / Wechat / Telegram:+8619930505014
Company website:guanlangchemical.com
4-Benzoylbiphenyl Factory recommended:
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CAS 90-90-4 4-Bromobenzophenone
CAS 960-16-7 Tributylphenyltin
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CAS 613-42-3 4-Benzylbiphenyl
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CAS 1450-32-4 phenyl-(4-phenylphenyl)methanethione
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