High Quality 99% Purity CAS 148553-50-8 Pregabalin White crystal

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High Quality 99% Purity CAS 148553-50-8 Pregabalin White crystal, 10$

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    Product Name Pregabalin
    CAS Number 148553-50-8
    Molecular Formula C8H17NO2
    Molecular Weight 159.23
    EINECS No. 604-639-1
    Colour White
    Form crystal
    Usage Chemical and Medical
    Others Name 3(S)-(AMINOMETHYL)-5-METHYLHEXANOIC ACID;(3S)-3-(AMINOMETHYL)-5-METHYLHEXANOIC ACID;PREGABALIN;Pregablin;3-(Aminomethyl)-5-methyl-hexanoic acid;PREDNISOLONESODIUMPHOSPHATE;(R)-Pregabalin;(S)-Pregabalin
    Range of Aplication Adults and Elderly
    Grade Standard Industry Grade
    Melting Point 194-196°C
    Boiling Point 274.0±23.0 °C
    Density 0.997±0.06 g/cm3
    Flash Point 9ºC
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