Pyrrolidine liqiud CAS:123-75-1 buy pyrrolidine liqiud 100% to Russia,

Минск | Added: 7 january 2021, number: 236103

Pyrrolidine liqiud CAS:123-75-1 buy pyrrolidine liqiud 100% to Russia,, 1 б.Рубль

Минск | 7 january 2021, dinachen, номер: 236103, просмотры: 18
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    Wickr me: dinalucky
    Formula :C4H9N
    Purity :>99%
    Appearance : Transparent to yellow liquid
    Availability : in stock
    Storage Conditions : Seal and store away from light
    Usage:Organic synthesis. Pesticides. Fungicide. Curing agent for epoxy resin. Rubber accelerator. Inhibitors.
    Main products:
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