Strong mobile ramp AUSBAU

Warsaw | Added: 4 april 2022, number: 273313

Strong mobile ramp AUSBAU, 7 300€

Warsaw | 4 april 2022, Ausbau, номер: 273313, просмотры: 122
    Strong mobile ramp AUSBAU. Our mobile ramps AUSBAU allow you to significantly save loading and unloading time. We produce models with a load capacity of 6, 8, 10, 12 and more tons. You can order mobile ramp AUSBAU of non-standard sizes and for non-standard tasks. Reasonable price and excellent quality are the main advantages of our company and our products. Find more AUSBAU mobile ramp product details on our id:5DdZxN
    How mobile loading ramps work: Forklift lift rear side of the movable dock ramp (there is special place for forklift's palm) and move ramp to truck or railcar. Using manual hydraulic, pushing lever of the pump, worker set ramp on required height (minimum 900 mm, maximum 1650 mm) – height of truck body from the ground level. Put loading dock ramps lip on truck body and fix ramp to the truck (chains, stoppage brakes). After that forklift can move on the ramp for making loading or unloading. Therefore all actions can be done by just one person - forklift driver.
    Guarantee period for movable dock ramps: 18 months. World-wide service.
    Delivery within Europe during 2-7 days. Availability on stock.
    Full set of CE-documents. 8 years experience in EU market.
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