Manufacturer of O-Phenylphenol / 2-Phenylphenol

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Manufacturer of O-Phenylphenol / 2-Phenylphenol, 1$

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Manufacturer of O-Phenylphenol / 2-Phenylphenol supplier in China
This is summer , we are O-Phenylphenol / 2-Phenylphenol CAS 90-43-7 factory supplier in China , 25kg/bag . we have O-Phenylphenol / 2-Phenylphenol bulk in stock now.
If you need O-Phenylphenol / 2-Phenylphenol , please contact me as soon as possible.
If you want to know the price of O-Phenylphenol / 2-Phenylphenol, please add my whastapp or telegram for easy contact
This product is used for strong bactericidal function, used for wood, leather, paper anticorrosion and storage anticorrosion of fruits, vegetables and meat.
Used for fruit and vegetable preservation mildew preventive
High concentrations of o-phenyl phenol have been shown to inhibit fungal growth (fungicide) or even kill fungi (fungicide). CN200580026288 discloses the application of o-phenylphenol and/or its derivatives for inhibiting the asexous propagation of fungi, and also relates to filtering media, adhesives, building materials, building accessories, fabrics, fur, paper, leather or leather products containing o-phenylphenol and/or its derivatives Chemicalbook. There are also detergents, detergents, bleaches, hand cleaners, hand dishwashing agents, automatic dishwashing agents, and reagents for finishing construction materials, building accessories, fabrics, fur, paper, leather or leather products.
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