High Quality sarms powder lgd 3303 with 99% Purity cas:1165910-22-4

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High Quality sarms powder lgd 3303 with 99% Purity cas:1165910-22-4, 20$, You can bargain

Melbourne | 23 june 2022, KONE KO, номер: 278774, просмотры: 23
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Product Name: LGD3303
Appearance: White to Light Yellow powder
Purity: 99.% min
Package: 10g/bag or as customers'request.
Test Method: HPLC
Payment:Bitcoin,Moneygram and Wester Union
Lead time:7-15 days after payment
In the SARMs series, from the original rad140, mk677 and lgd4033, the types of SARMs are still increasing. Acp105, ac262 and lgd3303, among which lgd3303 has been discussed intensively among bodybuilders recently, and many friends who are keen to try it have a good evaluation of it. Many people compare LGD3303 VS lgd4033.
Today, let's talk about the relationship and difference between lgd3303 and lgd4033
The same thing about lgd4033 and lgd3303 is that they are made by ligand pharmaceuticals. Their original purpose is to treat a certain disease. Both choose androgen receptor regulators. However, in a long time of experimental research, it is found that they have a more prominent effect on body building.
The effects of lgd4033 and lgd3303 in gain muscle are also very similar. Their main effects are to rapidly increase lean muscle, improve muscle quality and slightly reduce fat.
What is the different when LGD3303 VS LGD 4033
1.LGD3303 VS LGD 4033 different on effect
Although lgd4033 and lgd3303 were originally developed to treat diseases, lgd4033 mainly treats muscles such as muscle atrophy, so it has a special effect on improving muscle quality.
Lgd3303 was originally developed to treat osteoporosis and other diseases. In addition to increasing muscle mass, slightly reducing fat and improving muscle mass, lgd3303 can also improve human bone mass and increase bone density.
If a product can increase its own bone strength in the process of exercise, then this medicine can be regarded as a divine medicine! Lgd3303 has this effect.
We all know that no matter using steroids or SARM, the amount of exercise after using the products is at least much more than that without drugs. However, because many products only increase the weight of skeletal muscle and do little to help the bone, the amount of muscle will increase, But the bone strength can't keep up with the rhythm. I don't know if you've ever seen two people break their wrists and look at the amazing muscle circumference of two strong men, but they break their forearms because of excessive force. This is because the improvement of bone mass can not keep up with the improvement of muscle mass.
2.LGD3303 VS LGD 4033 different on half life and dosage
The half-life of lgd4033 belongs to a longer one in SARMs series, generally 24-36 hours, and it is generally taken every other day. Lgd3303 half life is short, 6-8 hours. People usually take it after three meals for convenience.
The so-called various SARMs products have different effects, so when brothers buy products, please choose the most suitable products according to their own needs and goals. If you want to know more related information, contact us:(Email: gq@whrsqsw.com)(What's app: +8618942921723)(Site:https://www.astersteroid.com) (Wickr Me: celiadmk)
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