Andarine/S4 Sarms powder for bodybuilding cycle fat loss 401900-40-1

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Andarine/S4 Sarms powder for bodybuilding cycle fat loss 401900-40-1, 20$, You can bargain

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Sarms Andarine
Other Name:S4
CAS: 401900-40-1
Purity:99% HPLC
Packing:10g,100g,500g and 1kg
Min Order: Powder---10gram
Payment:Bitcoin,Moneygram and Wester Union
Lead time:24hours after received payment
Safe shipping to US and most of Europe country
What is S-4?
S-4 is also called (Andarine or Gtx-007). It appears as a pale yellow powder. It is an oral, non-steroidal, and selective male receptor hormone modulator (Sarms)!
Andarine effects!
The main effect of Andarine is to increase endurance, increase strength, and rapid plasticity!
Andarine S4 was first developed to treat musculoskeletal diseases. More precisely, it is suitable for fighting muscle atrophy or osteoporosis!
Just like when steroids were first developed, the main purpose was to treat diseases such as muscle atrophy. After more athletes use Andarine, they find that it has a more prominent effect. It allows the muscles to grow rapidly by attaching to the proteins in the body and combining with them, while increasing the density and strength of the bones.
Then let the body enter the process of increasing anabolic metabolism, which can quickly burn off the fat in your exercise area, and greatly enhance the training intensity and endurance!
Andarine is suitable for people
1. Suitable for people who want to increase training intensity
2. People who want rapid plasticity
3. People with weaker bones
Andarine/S4 dosage and cycle
The use cycle of Andarine is generally about 8 weeks, and it is not recommended to exceed 8 weeks
The daily dosage of Andarine is 25-50mg. It is not recommended to exceed 50mg, otherwise it may cause vision problems, such as yellow vision!
Andarine has a half-life of 4-6 hours, and it is recommended to take it at mealtimes. (Three me
als time)
Andarine/S4 side effects
The side effects of excessive use of Andarine may appear: eye discomfort, some tingling. Night vision is weakened, eyes may be yellow at night and sensitive to light. It may affect emotional ups and downs. Once these problems occur, they will disappear after 2-4 days after stopping the use of Andarine!
Please keep in mind that any overdose of any drug will have undesirable side effects!
Wuhan Demeikai Biological Technology Co., Ltd., we we have a professional R&D laboratory and factory production, price advantage! We have high-quality transportation channels and can arrive safely and quickly! If you want to know more details or buy! Please contact us!
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