2022: The Best Choice EQ 200 Ships from US Warehouses

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2022: The Best Choice EQ 200 Ships from US Warehouses, 20$, You can bargain

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Ingredients:Boldenone undecylenate
Synonyms:EQ 200,EQ
CAS :13103-34-9
GSO,as solvent, could be replaced by MCT , Sesame oil or Decanoyl/octanoyl-glycerides. we can also make the liquid with ethyl oleate . Then the color of final liquid can be some lighter or darker.
All bodybuilders who have used it say that it is one of the most mild steroids in all steroid products. It is very suitable for stacking when bodybuilders perform steroid cycle. Its name is equipoise, and people prefer to call it EQ
Today I will introduce the injection form is EQ200mg/ml.
The effect of EQ 200 is relatively mild. Although it can not quickly increase lean muscle as other testosterone, the estrogen effect of EQ 200 will also be relatively low, resulting in a significant reduction in its water storage, so users can obtain more stable and clean muscle.
I don't know if brothers will have such a question. Why do different products contain different doses. What about test e 250 and test p 100? Now the EQ product is introduced, and later it becomes 200mg. What is this for?
This is mainly because the optimal dosage of each product is different.
For example, the EQ cycle we introduced today is usually 8-12 weeks, and the recommended weekly dose is 200mg-600mg,
Therefore, 200mg / ml is the best choice, because you can use 1ml of liquid every time, which is 200mg, which is very convenient.
One problem about steroids dosage is that we all need to understand that the dose of steroids needs to be determined according to our own constitution. If we use excessive doses, it will have a bad effect on our own body. However, if we want it to play a full effect, it will not only play a role in the dose, but also its own training intensity, exercise methods, protein and
Wuhan Demeikai Biological Technology Co., Ltd., we have a professional R & D laboratory and factory production, price advantage. We have high-quality transportation channels and can arrive safely and quickly!If you want to know more related information, contact us:
Email: gq@whrsqsw.com
What's app: +8618942921723
Site: https://www.astersteroid.com
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