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9 april 2024

Kazakhstan therapeutic organic iodine

Almaty | Added: 10 march 2024, number: 307149

Kazakhstan therapeutic organic iodine, 32$

Almaty | 10 march 2024, номер: 307149, просмотры: 56
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Selling Iodine «Hurmony Lux» - 100% natural product of Kazakhstan. This Iodine has no analogues in the world, it has no side effects.
Iodine «Hurmony Lux» is used to treat diseases of the thyroid gland, joints, autoimmune disease, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, nervous system, depression, infectious diseases, diabetes, allergic diseases, cancer and cancer, is a preventive agent for many other diseases.
Ingredients: Organic Iodine from walnut extract, Curcumin. Organic Iodine contains more than 20 useful elements for the body: a variety of vitamins B, vitamin C, vitamins PP, vitamin H, minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, iron, fluorine, phosphorus, sodium, starch.
How to consume: Stir one drop of Iodine in one glass of warm drinking water and then drink. Every three days, increase the dose by one drop. It is recommended to bring the number of drops of Iodine to 7 drops.
In a vessel of 50 ml, shelf life of 2 years. Price: 32$, when buying more than 3 pieces: 30$
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