Tetramisole HCL Manufacturer/CAS 5086-74-8, catherine@whbosman.com

Екатеринбург | Added: 6 january 2021, number: 235870

Tetramisole HCL Manufacturer/CAS 5086-74-8, catherine@whbosman.com, 100$, You can bargain

Екатеринбург | 6 january 2021, Catherine WANG, номер: 235870, просмотры: 30

Адрес: Екатеринбург, RM5105, Shanhe Building, Wuchang District, Show on the map

    Tetramisole HCL Manufacturer/CAS 5086-74-8, catherine@whbosman.com
    WeChat/WhatsApp/Telegram/Skype/Signal: 8613720187464
    Wickr Me: catherinebosman
    China Trusted Manufacturer of APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates including CAS 5086-74-8.
    Favorable price, large stock, safe delivery, smooth deal.
    99%purity white crystalline powder, top quality with the best price. We have full experience of exporting to Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Free of customs clearance, guaranteed delivery.
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